June 24, 2015



Bangkok 24th Jun 2015 - Honda Access Asia and Oceania Co.. Ltd. reveals its next challenges to the expansion of its custom mer base and support Thalland as Honda. automotive acces essories research and develo oprent base in Asia and Oocania by ranulac ulacturing product ucts in the country. The cornpany also tries to focus on brand building for "Modulo" to respond to Honda car t users. Witn its leading innovatio ion in design with attenlive prod ducts quality controlled. plu d, plus, more reasona nable price, cust stomers will be motwated to access sorize and decorate their cars. For this 3' Bangkok Intem mational Auto S Selon held on 24h -28* Jun 2015 at Impac Challenger Hall2 Muangthong Thani, Honda Modulo booth invites the event vistors with ith the presence of the latest acces ssorized 5 Honda ca car models equipped wwit with genuine Modulo acoe Civic, City and Jazz.cessories; HR.V, CR.V